What’s so great about water based ink?

A much larger number of screen printers print using plastisol ink which is easy to use and can be long lasting. Plastisol contains PVC and phthalates that are both harmful to the environment and have been linked to various health problems. Our waterbased inks contain neither of these and we also don’t need a bunch of solvents to clean up after them either – just water does the job.

Aside from the environmental benefits, we love the results. Plastisol is often printed very thick, and feels heavy on the fabric and may crack overtime, with waterbased inks prints are very soft and in many cases can barely be felt on the fabric at all.

The reason plastisol has traditionally proved more common is because it was easier to achieve bright colours and good colourfastness. Thankfully due to technological advances the same long lasting vibrant colours are now easily achieved with water based ink also.