We are still printing!

We’re still taking your orders but things are a little different at the moment.

As a small two person studio we’re easily able to keep working safely and well within accordance to social distancing guidelines at this time. All admin is being done from home, whilst journeys to and from the studio to print are made by bicycle where possible and private vehicle otherwise.

Turnaround may be a little slower than usual at the moment:

To help ease workload on our suppliers and couriers, we’re consolidating inbound orders as much as possible, minimising the amount of deliveries made to us each week.

We’re also very glad to hear that our suppliers have put in strict social distancing measures in their warehouses and have reduced daily capacity as a result.

We’re not offering local collection at the moment but may be able to deliver very local (2 mile radius) free of charge. For those further afield, we offer contactless courier delivery throughout the UK and beyond.

All deliveries are contactless.

Our orders have slowed over the past month but we hope to be able to cover some basic outgoings whilst also continuing to support our amazing customers, many of whom are independent businesses and creatives also navigating their way through a reduced income.

Safety is priority and we’ll be constantly reviewing the situation as it changes.

We wish everyone the very best during these unprecedented times and offer huge thanks and gratitude to those working on the frontline.

Brid & Stuart x